Our Story

Growing up in a small country town in the Midwest, where everyone knew you by name… mainstream holidays were celebrated with great enthusiasm. I grew up amazed at the lights, glitter and sparkle I was surrounded by. I wanted to partake in the celebrations but knew that my faith had our own holidays. The wishful thinking sunk deep inside and I grew up enjoying the excitement and decor from a mere distance.


After completing my MBA in Chicago, I moved into corporate advertising where I remained for seven years. After getting married and moving to New York City, I joined another AD Agency and was blessed with my first child. The desire to make a greater impact for the next generation always remained. I couldn’t see another Muslim kid grow up with their eyes soaking in the holiday lights whilst wishing they could have that too.


After having my second child, I was diagnosed with Cancer. This life changing event made me realize that I needed to start working on my dream NOW. Sometimes you have to go thru tragedy for something great to happen. This is the story of how Ramadan All Day was born! A brand with creative freedom and and a MISSION to bring Muslim holidays to the mainstream market. A VISION that sees decorations as a way to bridge the gap and allow Eid and Ramadan to be embraced in ALL American homes.

Sheba Khan 


Sheba graduated from University of Illinois and went on to complete her MBA and Master in Marketing. She worked for an advertising agency in Chicago and then moved to New York after getting married to work for another Ad Agency.  After two children, Sheba stayed home to raise her beautiful girls, Aaliyah and Ariana.


Bringing Muslim holiday decorations to the mainstream market.


Eid to be embraced in all American homes.